review policy

While I wish I had time to read every book out there, a full-time job and needy pup prevent it. If you are an author or publisher and would like me to review a book, please read my review policy so you know which books I am more likely to review.

  1. Though I boast a widely eclectic taste in books, I do have my preferences. Fiction: Literary fiction, crime, mystery, horror, sci-fi. Non-Fiction: True crime, sociology/culture, memoir, current events, history.
  2. If you'd like for me to review a book before its release date or on a timeline, please let me know in your outreach so I know if I have the capacity to commit.
  3. I accept paperbacks, hardbacks, and ebooks. If it's an ebook, please make sure it is compatible with either Kindle or iBooks.
  4. All reviews are my own unless stated otherwise.