Book Review / Reset

I was excited to pick up Ellen Pao's novel about her discrimination case against VC giant Kleiner Perkins. It felt close to home. I come from a background in venture capital and am currently work in tech. As I've mentioned before, I also happen to be the only woman in my workplace. 

Reset is a book that needed to be written. The level of ingrained sexism in venture capital and Silicon Valley is alarming. I admire Pao for choosing to fight back at such a high risk to her personal and professional life. Pao understood the privilege she had (in having money and support and time), and really adopted an "if not me, then who?" attitude. I appreciate that she realized the power in the fight, even if she didn't win the case. 

But, I was disappointed that there was what felt like a missed opportunity for discussion. In Reset, was a lot of telling, and not a lot of reflection or analysis. I was hoping for more examined thought on what it means to be a woman in tech, and furthermore, a woman of color in tech. Instead, it felt like she spent a lot of time establishing her credentials and recounting event after event. 

But again. This book is infuriating in the best way - in that people need to be aware and get angry about the sexism prevalent in so many work environments. My hope for this book is that it can show someone that what they are experiencing at work isn't okay or that it encourages one more woman to fight back.

Rating: 3/5